Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Making Calgary a livable city / The Globe and Mail / Feb. 5


The link above will take you to a story by the Globe and Mail's Marcus Gee, outlining the thoughts of Calgary's new "ubersmart"  mayor, Naheed Nenshi.  The 39 year old mayor comes to his job from a background as a business professor, activist and newspaper columnist.

A number of Nenshi's observations are pertinent to issues that we have here with the DNV and reflect on conditions underlining many of the strategic initiatives contained within the current OCP process.

In the article Nenshi articulates his vision of his "3-Ds" urban philosophy: density, diversity and a sense of discovery.  Closer to our situation here within Lower Capilano, are his views on the need for:
 (1) "spot intensification" to create hubs for transit, mixed use medium density living,
 (2) smarter suburbs with a mix of housing types that also provides for walkable access to shopping and services.

All of the issues cited in the articles are directly applicable to our local situation and demonstrate the need and wisdom of the Village Centres concept underway within the OCP process.

"When a project called Imagine Calgary asked residents what they wanted from their city in the future, it found that most wanted to live in a place where they could walk to the store, walk their kids to school, get by with only one car and be surrounded by different kinds of people.
  "If everyone wants that, why aren't we building that?" the mayor says."

Calgary's new mayor makes city work

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