Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Big Bench Sessions / Workable ideas for the Gateway

"Building a Better Community"

With the adoption of the 2030 Official Community Plan and the Village Centre concept, we have the opportunity to revitalize our neighbourhood, making it more human-scale, sustainable and an interconnected community.

The Capilano Gateway Association has brought together a group of dedicated professionals of international recognition, with backgrounds in social health, community development and building design, to share their experiences on how to shape an inclusive community for a better future in a changing world.

Join us for these three evening events of ideas and insights that will prepare our neighbourhood for the challenges and opportunities awaiting.

   Event Dates:     September 21    -    October 26     -    November 30

Capilano Rugby Clubhouse
Klahanie Park
West Vancouver

All Events begin at 7:30 PM

Funding for this series of community events has come from the Lower Capilano Community Service Enhancement Initiative Grants, through the North Vancouver Recreation Commission, the Corporation of the District of North Vancouver, with the generous facility support of the Capilano Rugby Club.

How Do We Build a Better Community?  3 Special Evening Events

"Building a Healthy Community: The Essential Ingredients"
  Dr. Brian O'Connor, Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health
September 21,  7:30 PM   Capilano Rugby Club
 As Medical Health Officer for Vancouver Coastal Health, Dr. O?Connor has stated that municipal authorities have the potential - through thoughtful design and public policy - to do more for the broad general health of the population than can the medical profession.  The design and form of our community affects how we live, recreate, and socialize.
In this opening event for our series, Dr. O?Connor reveals the ways an interdisciplinary approach to community planning and public policy improves our physical and mental health in essential and profound ways.

-  With Renee Strong, Executive Director, Capilano Community Services Society.  Renee will offer insights into the coming critical and increasing demand for services requested of Capservices.

Following the speakers presentations a Q&A session will provide an opportunity for further discussion.  Snacks and refreshments will be provided as well as a cash bar.

"Creating the Community Living Room"
  Paula Carr, former Executive Director, Collingwood Neighbourhood House
  October 26,  7:30 PM   Capilano Rugby Club
Recognized across the world, Collingwood Neighbourhood House began, says Paula Carr, "with a group of five people sitting around a kitchen table, wanting to create a caring community."  Twenty-three years later, that dream has become an ever-evolving reality, a multi-service community centre that is intercultural and intergenerational.

Collingwood Neighbourhood House's success comes from its shared values of respect, diversity and capacity-building through it's strong focus on family, community collaboration and leadership.

Impressed by the operation of Collingwood Neighbourhood House, UBC Professor Leonie Sandercock produced a documentary on the centre titled "Where Strangers Become Neighbours".  In addition to her commentary, Paula will screen a 20 minute version of this NFB-produced documentary.

  "We Make Buildings / Buildings Make Us: Looking beyond Green"
  Dr. Ray Cole, Professor, UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  November 30,  7:30 PM  Capilano Rugby Club
Dr. Ray Cole has taught environmental issues in building design for the past thirty years and was co-founder of the Green Building Challenge - an international collaborative effort to benchmark progress in green building performance and environmental assessment.  Designated as a UBC Distinguished University Scholar, Dr. Cole has served on numerous national and international committees related to buildings and the environment.

His current work in "Regenerative Design" goes beyond the purely technical aspects of green building to bridge the physical and functional, emotional and spiritual attributes of nature.  This emerging approach to architectural design offers new insight for constructed projects that can increase, rather than diminish, social and natural capital.

For further information:  604-985-5621 / 604-904-7581       Email: capgatewayassoc@gmail.com

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