Saturday, 16 July 2011

CGA Projects and Initiatives - A Progress Report

The Curling to Belle Isle pedestrian/cycle path; soon to be the site for the Gateway Mural project

The Capilano Gateway Association continues its efforts and community engagement with a range of projects and information dedicated to building the community and enhancing the overall livability and responsible sustainability of Lower Capilano neighbourhood.

The installed park bench for Belle Isle Park has become a favourite resting spot for many residents, as well as the focal point for informal community discussions.  The May 5, 2011 addition of the handicap-accessible picnic table, and park garbage receptacle, has encouraged many people,  families and children to come the safe play environment of the park. 

In the immediate future, the Curling Road to Belle Isle pathway will see the installation of a drop curb pan to allow further and safe use of the path by cyclists, pedestrians and those with mobility scooters and wheelchairs.  This work is slated for completion in July, along with other grading improvements to the path.

Working with the DNV Parks department, the CGA has arranged for similar handicap drop ramps to be installed on Belle Isle Park to ensure full disabled access to the park for everyone.  This priority item is contingent on 2012 budget allocations to be voted on by DNV Council.

Recently the CGA was awarded funds under the Neighbourhood Enhancement Program to implement a mural project along the Belle Isle pathway.  The project will proceed in conjunction with local youth service organizations and business partners to create a neighbourhood focal point.

Beginning in September, "The Big Bench Sessions" will see a variety of resource professionals present their insights and experience to a series of themed community discussions dedicated to create awareness and a collective vision for "Building a Healthy Community". 

This series of three meetings, will explore the essential elements required to form a more livable, sustainable community that embraces people of all ages.  Out of these sessions the community can create a positive vision of the opportunities available through the implementation of the Lower Capilano - Marine Local Plan of the OCP.  Further information and flyers on this will be circulated later this summer.

As always, the CGA blog site continues to be a source of information and community connection, with an expanding local and international readership.

We look forward to additional initiatives in the coming year and welcome your feedback and participation.


Kim, Jai, Wayne, Elaine, Doug  
The CGA Executive Board

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