Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Momentum and Looking at the Next Steps / The 2030 OCP as a reality

With the passing of the 2030 Official Community Plan, our community now has the opportunity to shift focus from general visioning for the future of the area, to co-developing constructive, realistic and widely-accepted options for building a healthy community.

 The challenge is creating an inclusive neighbourhood and village centre that will accommodate a truly diverse population and grounding this ambition in the ideal of the greater public good 
We are standing at the edge of a great opportunity to make this corner of the District of North Vancouver the "gateway location".  We have already engaged, and had positive feedback from youth, seniors and others representing marginalized populations in our area. 
Over the coming months the CGA executive board is planning to facilitate the "Big Bench Sessions" to promote a broad community imaginative vision.  Building on the popular open-air bench sessions conducted in Belle Isle Park, The "Big Bench Sessions" will provide a forum to articulate and explore ideas  that the community desires as a result of redevelopment of the Lionsgate/Lower Capilano commercial properties into a Village Centre.  A variety of experienced resource personnel are available to help residents create viable plans developed from broad community input.

We value ideas from the community and CGA members to make this a community success.

Over the summer months a number of announcements about this project will be circulated to the community as this innovative program takes shape.
Email us:  capgatewayassoc@gmail.com

best regards,  
Elaine, Doug, Jai, Kim, Wayne
CGA Executive Board

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