Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"Age-friendly is friendly to all ages" / an inclusive place for Lower Capilano

Recently in conversation with a dedicated resident engaged in community services, the comment was made, "People have no idea what is coming along, the numbers of aged, the need for services and for facilities."
These above remarks lie at the heart of the CGA's goals, but also, as the letter below from Viv Christison of the Lionsview Seniors' Planning Society makes clear, "age friendly is friendly to all ages".
As always, the focus of the CGA is on promoting viable, realistic and socially responsible plans for our community and the greater public good.

Capilano Gateway Association                                                                                       May 2, 2011
C/o 2046 Curling Road
North Vancouver BC V7P 1X4

Dear Doug Curran,

I am writing on behalf of Lionsview Seniors Planning Society, Housing Committee to thank you and your Association members for working so hard toward the creation of an inclusive, accessible and age friendly neighbourhood in Lower Capilano/Marine Village.   Lionsview Seniors Planning Society works to ensure that seniors can continue to live and age well in their own communities and so we wanted to express our appreciation that so many age friendly features have been included in the proposal for the new Village Centre.  

 In particular, we are very pleased to see the inclusion of the following:
·      Services are situated together and are accessible
·      There will be ground oriented shops [and we hope ground oriented medical offices]
·      Pleasant public spaces, green walkways and seating areas are planned
·       Safety through passive surveillance is considered
·      There will be reliable and frequent public transit with transit stops that are conveniently located
·      There is an intention to enable a variety of affordable housing options in areas close to services and the rest of the community
·      The plan includes provision of housing for frail and disabled older people 
·      There will be a centre for affordable community events and recreation activities that can be attended alone or with a companion
·      Employment opportunities are considered
·      Provision of an adult day centre will be explored
In looking over the list of community benefits, only two of the preceding ten are exclusive to seniors.  So, although we speak for seniors, Lionsview believes that a senior friendly neighbourhood is friendly to all ages. 

Lionsview is looking forward to the completion of its seniors’ survey in July 2011.  The survey will provide information on perceptions of the age friendliness of the North Shore.  Perhaps Lionsview and the Capilano Gateway Association could arrange for neighbourhood seniors to review and respond to survey results.   This may be useful feedback to have when you and the District move forward with anticipated community building.

Yours sincerely,

Viv Christison
Viv Christison
Chair, Housing Committee
Lionsview Seniors Planning Society

Copy to Mayor Walton and Council Members

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