Monday, 4 April 2011

15 Issues that won't go away & notions about the greater public good...

Some time back, the question was asked of me, "Doug, Why are you so passionate about this?" Some have sought to impugn the motives, primarily of myself, but also many of those in the community who desire a more vibrant, sustainable and demographically diverse neighbourhood.  

One resident (themselves living in a 20 storey high-rise) questioned me as to why, given that I live beside the vacant Capwest site, could I  "be for a 12 storey tower?".  The inference was that no one of right mind would possibly accept such a thing.  I explained that there is a big difference between being '"for" something, and being able to "accept" something.  I accept that a 12 storey tower may well be the density offset that provides for a community centre - short of property tax increases - that most people appear to desire.
While I don't feel that much urge for it myself, I can accept it on balance of the greater good.  It is a decision made in light of all other criteria, and ultimately, something I can live with.  It promises a better future for the public good.

Given the demographic changes coming to the general DNV population we need to anticipate and prepare for some undeniable facts.  With the surge of an aging population, do we not have a social, not to mention moral, obligation to create places so those with mobility constraints are able to live, shop and access transit in a reasonable fashion?  Where will you want to live if/when you yourself are unable to drive?

Here (excerpted from a DNV "Identity 2030" brochure, are 15 issues that will not go away simply because we may want them to.  These are not notions or preferences.  They are real and will affect all of our lives.  Our only choice is to begin to channel them into opportunities.  

                    "You may not be interested in change - but change is very interested in you!"


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John said...

Excellent point Doug. I'm glad you continue to promote those points from the DNV "Identity 2030" brochure. Let's get out in front of change so it turns out right.