Monday, 14 March 2011

Summary of February 10 Workshop feedback

 February 10th Lower Capilano OCP/Conceptual Planning Workshop
A summary of feedback from this well-attended event is available for download.

Go to:   and scroll down to DOWNLOAD (FEB 10) SUMMARY OF COMMUNITY FEEDBACK HERE.  The feedback will open as a PDF file.

The feedback from February 10 has been incorporated into the final Draft Lower Capilano Conceptual Plan that will be presented:
 Lower Capilano Village Centre Concept Plan    
 Wednesday March 23rd, 6 - 9;30 pm, Grouse Inn,  1633 Capilano Rd.

The format for the Lower Capilano meeting will be drop-in Open House with two presentations followed by Q&A at each. The Open House doors open at 6:00 PM at which time you are welcome to come in and browse the materials and ask Staff specific questions. At 7:00 PM there will be a brief 20 minute presentation on the Open House materials, followed by Q&A.

 There will be another identical presentation at 8:30 PM, followed by Q&A as well. You are welcome to come for as much or as little of the Open House as you would like. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided throughout the course of the event. Doors will close at 9:30 PM, however, you are invited to follow-up with Tom Lancaster, lead planner for the project at any time by phone or email.

PS. Please refer to this agenda:
6:00 PM – doors open, come in and browse the materials and ask questions

7:00 PM – overview presentation followed by Q&A

8:30 PM – overview presentation followed by Q&A

9:30 PM – doors close

 You can view plans for the Concept plan by going to

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